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"DIKS BG" Ltd. was established in 1993 with the purpose of using computing technology for automation in the field of energetics, chemistry, metallurgy, food industry and others. Since 2005, energy efficiency tasks have been included in its activities.


  1. Design, supply, production and implementation of systems for monitoring of the energy consumption (SME) and energy management systems.

  2. Energy Efficiency Audits of Industrial Enterprises according the Energy Efficiency Act (EEA).

  3. Substantiation of achieved energy savings in accordance with Regulation № Е-РД-04-3 from 4.05.2016 and assistance with issuing of Certificates for energy savings by the Sustainable Energy Development Agency.

  4. Development of energy audits for applying with project proposals for grants under Operational Programme "Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy 2007-2013" and "Innovation and Competitiveness" 2014-2020 under priority axis 3 "Energy and resource efficiency".

  5. Consultancy and internal audits for the implementation of Energy Management Systems according to the requirements of BDS EN ISO 50001:2011 and BDS EN ISO 19011: 2011.


In each larger enterprise there is a monthly distribution of the energy consumed in the production departments. This distribution is for business purposes and is not suitable for energy consumption analysis and planning of energy and resource efficiency activities. The construction of a monitoring system provides an opportunity for operational control of the energy consumption. The aim is to include facilities that consume at least 80% of the enterprise's own consumption on an annual basis. Where possible, the production output is also measured or imported. Archived information is exported to an Excel spreadsheet for further specific processing.

The energy consumption monitoring system provides:

  • Information on current energy consumption;
  • Quality of power supply;
  • Distribution of energy resources by separate production departments and consumers;
  • Load schedule of significant consumers;
  • Schedule and efficiency of the steam systems;
  • Operating times of individual consumers.

Based on the archived information, the energy management system provides:

  • Evaluation of transformation and transmission losses;
  • Balance of the consumption and the losses by individual production departments and consumers;
  • Localization of reactive power sources and compensation quality;
  • Registration of regime deviations, accident forecasting and repairs planning;
  • Baseline consumption at different production volumes and outdoor temperatures;
  • Energy Efficiency Indicators;
  • Registration of current deviations from the consumption norms;
  • Possibility to analyse the correctness of the consumption norms;
  • Assessment of the effect of the introduced energy saving measures.

According to the Energy Efficiency Act adopted on 15.05.2015, all small and medium-sized enterprises (regardless of their annual consumption) and all industrial systems (including small and medium-sized enterprises) with an annual consumption of more than 3000 MWh are subject to mandatory energy efficiency audits. Also not exempt from audit are companies with complex licensing. The periodicity of audits is every 4 years.


"Diks BG" has implemented more than 15 systems for monitoring, control and management in industrial enterprises.

"DIKS BG" specialists have participated in more than 50 energy efficiency audits of enterprises and industrial systems according to the Energy Efficiency Act.

The specialists of "DIKS BG" have demonstrated their competence in participating in the energy efficiency auditing of 20 enterprises in different fields. Almost all Contracting Authorities have successfully completed the procedures for financing of projects for "Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy" and "Increasing the Energy Efficiency in Large Enterprises" in the 2007 - 2013 programming period, as well as under the Operational Program "Innovation and Competitiveness" 2014-2020, Project Selection Procedures "Energy Efficiency for Small and Medium Enterprises" and "Increasing of Energy Efficiency in Large Enterprises". The specialists of "DIKS BG" have perform consultancy and have conducted internal audits by the implementation of 6 energy management systems according to the requirements of BDS EN ISO 50001:2011 and BDS EN ISO 19011: 2011.


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